Beat the Heat… with Lemon Water

lemon water
Wowee! It is hot in Toronto! We have had some freakish summer weather the last few weeks – flash flooding, extreme heat waves, and tornado warnings – I mean sweltering heat that reminds me of beautiful Bali (sigh)  or the heat of the Nevada desert. Our apartment doesn’t have air conditioning so it was actually cooler to be outside than inside, I don’t think I slept for week. My friends and I started a crusade to beat the heat - we went late night swimming, hung out in the park  and enjoyed time hanging out on the front porch. Finally, on Wednesday I went out and bought a small air conditioning window unit and I had an incredible sleep that night, what a difference!

During this summer heat, it’s important to stay hydrated. One thing that has saved me during this heat wave has been  the copious amounts of water I have been drinking. But not just any plain ol’ chilled water, I have been literally chugging litres of water that is flavoured and supplying me with essential minerals and vitamins that are lost when you’re sweating in extreme heat. So how did I do this without consuming the junk-juices out there that claim to supply one with vitamins and is artificially coloured and flavours? Quite easily, actually!

My go-to water solution contained freshly squeezed organic lemon and lime juice, as well as beautiful mint leaves… and when I ran out of mint leaves… I added a peppermint tea bag and WOW. Refreshing and cooling.

Drinking lemon water has incredible benefits, even when it’s not a heat wave. I encourage everyone to start their morning with a nice big glass of lemon water and you will start to feel a vibrant difference! Here’s why:

Alkalizing – Adding lemon to your water is extremely alkalizing for your body which is what your body is in need of when it is heated up. Alkalizing your body is the best way to prevent disease and lower inflammation. Lemon, although a natural acid, actually contains ascorbic acid and citric acid which, when in the body, act as as a chelator in the body and allow for the minerals in lemon to be absorbed! Minerals need help to be absorbed in the body, so you can consider lemon juice to be its partner.

Vitamin C - Lemons contain a high amount of vitamin C, a powerful vitamin and antioxidant that helps boost your body’s immune system, and fight any free radicals that may be roaming around.

Potassium –  This mineral is easily lost when sweating, potassium is considered to be one of the main electrolytes that help balance your body’s musculoskeletal system. You know, when, maybe after a day of being in the hot sun, or after a night of consuming copious amounts of alcohol, your hands may be shaky? That’s electrolyte loss and why after drinking an electrolyte drink you feel a bit more stable. Lemons contain a high amount of potassium!

Liver Loving – Finally, my favourite reason for drinking lemon juice is because of the effects it has on the liver. This heat can cause you to release some really deep toxins (think about when you go for a sauna, you’re cleansing yourself, your cells). Your liver is the primary organ that takes these harmful toxins, repackages them with bile to move along into your colon to be excreted. Lemons encourage the liver to produce bile which is a component in digestion AND detoxification.

lemon water

Lemon Water Cool Down

- 1/2 lemon, juiced
- 1/4 lime, juiced
- 1 peppermint tea bag or a few mint leaves
- 500mL  of filtered water
Optional: Throw in some goji berries or frozen blueberries for superfood goodness!

Combine the ingredients  together and drink away!

Bon Appétit!

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2 responses to “Beat the Heat… with Lemon Water

  1. Yum!! Definitely trying mint leaves today. Thanks for the link!

  2. This is a wonderful summer drink to keep your body at the right temperature. You can benefit from the same alkalizing and cleansing benefits by doing a lemonade diet a few times a year, also.

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